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Laura Pita is a historical musicologist specialized in 19th-century musical cultures in Latin America, traveling musicians in the Americas, and gender studies.

She received her PhD from the University of Kentucky. She has presented papers at several conferences in the US and Latin America, including American Musicological Society, Society for American Music, and International Musicological Society. She has contributed articles for The Grove Dictionary of American Music (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013). She has published several articles and book chapters of the Venezuelan pianist-composer Teresa Carreño and has co-edited with J.F. Sans Carreño’s piano and chamber music.

Her doctoral dissertation,Teresa Carreño’s Early Years in Caracas: Cultural Intersections of Piano Virtuosity and Nation-Building in the Nineteenth Century” (Lexington, KY: UKnowledge, 2019), studies the musical environment, early piano training, and first compositions of Teresa Carreño in the context of the growth in Caracas of the practices of recreational sociability, the increasing influence of virtuosic music, the tradition of private concert-making, and the ideologies of civilization and social progress that shaped the perceptions of the value of music and women in the newly-founded republic.